Brightline DX’s Claritas platform couples a novel fluorescent lateral flow test with a highly sensitive reader, delivering significant advantages over existing assays. The resulting diagnostic platform is cost effective, rapid (providing results within minutes), simple to use and applicable to testing in transit hubs, educational venues, factories and office buildings. Additionally, it could be used for high-volume batch processing of tests in a laboratory setting, with each test taking only a second or two to be read.

The Claritas reader is based on handheld fluorometric devices proven in Chelsea Technologies’ environmental and agritech applications. Adapted to the Claritas diagnostic system, they deliver a superior diagnostic sensitivity in a robust, portable format.

The Claritas diagnostic system has the potential to deliver a step change in testing in a number of disease areas.

About Brightline DX

Brightline DX is a joint venture formed by two highly innovative UK companies, Stream Bio and Chelsea Technologies, to combine novel technologies and create a unique platform that can be applied to a wide range of diagnostic targets. The joint venture’s immediate focus is a highly sensitive saliva-based rapid test for COVID-19 which can even identify SARS-CoV-2 at the low viral loads typically found in asymptomatic carriers.

Stream Bio develops and manufactures a range of innovative bioimaging molecular probes that cover the visible and near infra-red spectrum. The technology focuses on Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles (CPNs™), that have compelling advantages for applications in R&D, in-vitro diagnostic assays and therapeutic research.

CPNs™ have superior properties to conventional probes including intense brightness for greater sensitivity (up to 1000x brighter than quantum dots), superb stability to temperature and pH, and facile conjugation to a variety of targeting molecules through standard surface chemistries.

Chelsea Technologies designs and manufactures ingenious environmental monitoring technology to make the world safer, cleaner and smarter.

Across shipping, marine science, water quality, defence and industrial process control, our best-in-class sensors and systems are trusted for their sensitivity, accuracy, reliability and sophistication. We’ve built our unrivalled specialist expertise over 50 years, and we apply this with new rigor to every engineering challenge our clients set us.

Claritas COVID

Detects extremely low levels of individual, fluorescence-labelled SARS-CoV-2 virus particles, including at the low viral loads typically found in asymptomatic carriers.

Rapid results within minutes.

Robust, portable and adaptable reader suitable for use in any environment, from community testing centres, transit hubs, educational venues, factories and office buildings to testing in less developed countries.

A highly sensitive saliva test delivering viral detection sensitivity similar to that of current PCR-based techniques from a simple to use platform.

Combining a highly sensitive and stable lateral flow test with superior reader technology to deliver a new test
system with significant advantages over current COVID-19 diagnostic tests.


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